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Create DateJul 17, 2021


Daydreaming About Becoming A Top Marketer:
Here’s Our Story: Not too long ago, when we just started our business. We didn’t have much to ourselves. All we had was a dream… to become top marketers. We entered the world of marketing with our college savings – a mere sum of $100, We didn’t have any influential investors nor did we have any time. We needed to make it big quickly to support our struggling families. This time was marked by sleepless anxious nights and the haunting question of “WHAT SHOULD WE DO?”,
Shattering of Hopes: Life became harder. Our hopes and dreams turned into struggles. We didn’t have money to pay rent. Groceries ran out. We couldn’t even afford public transport and so we would walk long distances. Our families did not have 3 square meals on their table. We were at the brink of homelessness and pennilessness,

The Good Friend: We were on the lookout for a marketing service that would remain in demand forever. We didn’t know where to begin. We were scammed by lots of people on the internet and lost every last penny. Until our college friend pointed us in the direction of email marketing. He told us that the only thing that will always be in demand would be email marketing! It has worked for so many years & will continue to work forever. It was like a moment of clarity. But then the problem continued when we couldn’t understand how to create a list and appealing emails,

The Brave Fight: We ate Google search results for breakfast, lunch and dinner since there was no actual food on our tables. “How to send effective emails & grow lists fast?” is what we would ask in my search. We were presented with over 786,000,000 results within 0.67 seconds. That’s when we understood that making money would never be FAST for us. That we would end up losing our homes and everything else. So I sold my dad’s watch at an antique store in the hope to buy more time to try out certain autoresponders that seemed to be popular with other marketers,

The Glimpse of a Future: We tried every single autoresponder and mailing facility available. We tried to create attractive emails from trending formats to grab the attention of the few names that we had on our list. We tried to create optin-forms to increase our list…with little to no response. We surely began making some money but it wasn’t close to what we needed to survive, forget about thriving. Mostly our emails would be lost in people’s spam folders or not get sent at all! So many times the autoresponders would just shut down without notice. And to top it off, everytime we would make money these bully autoresponders would take a hefty monthly fee and leave us with nothing. We were going round and round in circles with no way out,

The Turning Point: This made us understand the HUGE gap in the marketing industry. There is simply no single platform or way that helps you get instantly started with your business. You either have to be at the mercy of search engines like Google or social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram or even E-commerce giants like Amazon! They’re all just really taking away control from marketers. Then when you finally figure out that emails are the only way you can retain control and make money…you either have to do everything manually. That means many precious years of yours are lost. Or you can use one of the popular auto-responders and shell out every single penny only to make them money! I mean, the amount of $228/year with so many restrictions and success tax as you increase your customer-base is just ridiculous. Either way…the result is struggle & poverty,

The Struggle is Real: “Must everyone struggle like us to be able to live peacefully?”. This question haunted us every single day. Waiting to build lists and manually email all visitors is simply not a luxury most of us have! We either don’t have the money or the time or sometimes we don’t have both. This was the turning point in our lives…when we decided to create one SINGLE platform that allows you to effectively email an unlimited number of subscribers with a click of a button without leaving a hole in your pocket. So you begin profiting from the very second you schedule an email that is automatically created for you. You can simply import your own list and grow it with effective op-tin forms as you go.

Watch How This Software Work

LifeMail Can Instantly Put You Onto The Profit-Making Bandwagon. This Demo Is Sure To Blow Your Mind:
It is unlike every other mailing system or autoresponder in the market! It doesn’t set boundaries around your success. It simply gives you a platform without any restrictions. Your profits are unconditional. No cap on emails, campaigns or subscribers. So the minute you get access, you can begin making the big bucks for yourself and from your clients. All this without any hassles and wastage of time and at such a low cost that you won’t ever feel the pinch. Better still you don’t have to keep on paying as you grow. Just pay once and profit forever.

Will LifeMail Work In Any Niche?
Whatever the niche, it makes everyone’s life easy and profitable.

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